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Less Money For Schools In England

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It doesn’t matter who will win the election, schools in England will get less money over the next five years according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies

As per the report released by the think tank, schools in the UK will have to endure up to 12% in cuts in the forthcoming years.

To make matters worse, more pupils and increased wages for teachers are adding to the pressure in the nation’s public education system.

In a public statement, the Association of School and College leaders said that this outlook presents what they call a “bleak picture for education funding” in the UK.

The Association added that regular spending in public schools at all this been well protected by the coalition government when compared to other public service areas. However, this will change regardless of who will win the next elections.

As per the IFS’ report, all parties in UK are suggesting spending reductions of 7% per pupil by 2020.

Several experts however point edout that the real reduction in spending will be closer to 12% taking into account added costs for teachers pensions, national insurance and wage increases.

On this background, Labour and the Liberal Democrats said they are committed to protecting the education budget those up to 19-year-old while the Conservatives said they want to protect spending per pupil.

The issue here is that pupil numbers are expected to grow by 7% in the years up to 2020 while inflation rate is forecast to be 7.7% in the same time period

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